Affiliate Integration

Monetise your web site and earn revenue by integrating our affiliate links in to your app or widgets.

Affiliate Programme

The PowerupMobile affiliate programme allows you to generate revenue by referring customers to our web site to use our price comparison service. Integrating our affiliate links with the API offers unlimited potential to actively encourage users to visit our site from yours.

To make things even easier we have developed a selection of ready to go widgets that you can add your affiliate id to and start sending clicks straight away.

Our affiliate programme is run by ClixGalore and pays you 10p per lead - that's 10p every time a user visits one of our partner sites after doing a price comparison. And the best bit is you get paid regardless of whether a purchase is made or not.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is sign up to our affiliate programme and select the API Service text banner.

Click here to sign up now...

If you are already registered with ClixGalore, you can sign in, search for our programme and select the API Service banner.

Setting up Widgets

We have developed a selection of widgets which we host, built around our API. By simply copying and pasting a few lines of code in to your web pages you can set up engaging interactive adverts and tools that users will find of value.

Finding your Affiliate ID

When you request the API Service banner you will be presented with the ClixGalore tracking code (please note this is not our Widget). The important thing to note about the tracking code is a six digit number of the text &AfID=. In the example below the number is 123456, this is your affiliate ID, take a note of this number which you will need in the next step.

ClixGalore Affiliate ID

Adding your Affiliate ID to a Widget

Next step is to choose one of our widgets, you can see them in action here. Below each widget is a small window with the block of code to copy and paste in to your web site. There is also a form field called Affiliate ID, simply type in the six digit number you noted previously and click Add. The code will be updated with your ID and you can now copy and paste it in to your site. Our widget will take care of the correct linking to ensure your clicks are tracked and commission is paid.

Testing the Affiliate Links

Once your Widget is successfully installed and working correctly on your site hover over a link to our site within the widget and check your browsers status bar (bottom left) - the link should look something like:


If so, congratulations, you are successfully using the API and affiliate links.