Getting Started

The PowerupMobile API lets developers harness the data stored at the heart of the PowerupMobile.com web site and price comparison system. By accessing this data you can build your own bespoke mobile phone price comparison web sites, applications and widgets.

Sign Up for an API Key

First things first - to access the API you need to register. Once you register we will send you an API key - one public key and one secret key. Once you have these you can create simple REST URL's that will retrieve data in either XML or JSON around which you can build your application.

Understand how to Authenticate

Once you have your key you need to know how to send REST requests using your public key and a signature which is created using the secret key. A full explanation is included in the Authentication Guide.

Using the Methods

A variety of methods are available which you pass via the REST request. Each method retrieves a particular set of data and some allow you to pass additional parameters such as product or category id's, sorting, paging and filtering values. A response is sent back as either XML or JSON/JSONP giving you flexibility to quickly and easily build an application.

Build your App

Start developing your App around our data. To help you get started we have created a simple PHP wrapper class called PHPow but you can use any language you feel comfortable with.