Returns a list of handsets for a given brand.




xml, json, jsonp

HTTP Method



The brand id must be provided at the end of the URL:
i.e. products/brand/htc

Available values can be looked up using lists/brands.


api_key (required)
The API key. (More Info)

api_sig (required)
The generated request signature. (More info)

format (optional)
The desired response format. Value can be xml, json or jsonp. Defaults to xml. jsonp responds with a callback function named jsonPowApi.

sort (optional)
The order to sort the returned handsets. Passing no value returns handsets in the order added to the database (newest first), other values are alpha and price.


10: Incorrect Signature
The API Key and/or the generated request signature are incorrect or are no longer valid.

20: Incorrect Number of Parameters
The minimum number of required parameters have not been provided.

30: Format Incorrect
The format requested is not supported.

42: No Alphnumeric ID
The brand id has not been provided or is not alphanumeric - values can consist of numbers, letters, hyphens (-) and spaces only.

50: No API Key
The api_key parameter and value are not in the request.

60: No Signature
The api_sig parameter and value are not in the request.

Example Request