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Web 'n' Walk from T-Mobile - Mobile Internet Access on your PDA, Smartphone and Mobile

New Mobile Broadband Comparison Service Launched

If you are looking for Mobile Broadband products on T-Mobile (formerly known as Web 'n' Walk) or any other network please have a look at our new Mobile Broadband Price Comparison Service.

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Internet on the Move on your PDA, Smartphone and Mobile Phone

T-Mobile Web 'n' Walk provides unlimited* internet connection via your mobile phone, PDA, smartphone or laptop** where ever and when ever you need it. Check your email, search on Google, bid on eBay, directions on AA, check the news, sports results, stock quotes, weather and traffic reports. Once you use Web 'n' Walk you will wonder how you lived with out it.

Don't worry about Data Download Charges
With unlimited* connectivity you don't need to worrying about astronomical download fees. T-Mobile provide the most generous internet allowance available. Other companies will charge you over ?1 to download even a small file, with Web 'n' Walk you can download music, web pages, email attachments without paying anything extra.

Connect from Anywhere
You can connect from anywhere - Web 'n' Walk uses the mobile phone network - GPRS or 3G so where ever you get a signal you can get online. You don't need to be in the vicinity of a WiFi hot spot or wireless network. You can connect on the bus, in a park, on the beach, at home, at work, just about anywhere in the UK.

More than just Browsing and Email***
You're not just limited to browsing the web and email. So long as the software is available and your device supports it you can make use of Web 'n' Walk to do instant messaging using MSN Mobile, make free internet calls worldwide with Skype Mobile, developers and IT professionals can even login to remote SSH servers using tools like Pocket Putty or use your phone as a modem to connect your laptop. Using these services may be in breach of T-Mobiles fair usage policy.

Web 'n' Walk Plans
Web 'n' Walk plans can be combined with any T-Mobile Flext talk plan for an additional ?7.50 per month, whats more when you choose this plan you can save even more money on the cost of the handset. Just sign up and Web 'n' Walk will be available as soon as your phone arrives.

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In addition to the standard Web 'n' Walk plans, you can also choose Web 'n' Walk Plus or Max if you just want to connect your laptop using a lap top datacard.

*Subject to connection to Flext + web'n'walk. Minimum term contract and credit check apply. **Compatible handset required. Subject to coverage. Provides unlimited browsing on mobile handsets in the UK. Not applicable to connection via CSD. To ensure a high quality of service for all our customers a fair use policy applies. *T-Mobile defines fair use as total UK data (both sent and received) of up to 1GB per month. T-Mobile may contact customers who exceed 1GB of data and ask them to reduce their usage. If data usage is not reduced, notice may be given, after which network protection controls may be applied. ***Not to be used for other activities (including but not limited to) : modem access for computers, internet based video/audio streaming services, peer to peer file sharing, internet based video downloads, internet phone calls and instant messaging. If such use is detected, notice may be given after which network protection controls may be applied. The application of network protection controls will result in a reduced speed of transmission.