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What is Snapdragon?

What is Snapdragon?
Snapdragon is set to revolutionise the smartphone, but what is it?
Posted: 28th Jul 2009 at 3:49am
By Jeff in PDA's
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A number of blogs and web sites are hyping up something called Snapdragon, talking about the latest wave of mobile devices that are going to use it, but what exactly is Snapdragon?

Snapdragon is a new processor (CPU) designed and developed by Qualcomm. The CPU is the brain at the centre of your PDA or smartphone and Qualcomm have designed a new powerful, small form factor, low energy consuming chip with some essential components built in including a cellular modem and GPS.

The new Toshiba TG01 is the first smartphone device to include a 1GHz Snapdragon processor and an ASUS Eee PC has also been showcased running Snapdragon and Google Android. The new HTC Firestone is also rumoured to be powered with Snapdragon.

Qualcomm highlights the following benefits of Snapdragon:

  • Optimized power management for all-day battery life
  • Ubiquitous, real-time connectivity
  • Rich Internet browsing experience
  • Access to real-time, personalized and location-aware content
  • Streaming and playback of locally stored high-definition video content
  • High performance 3D UIs, games, maps and more
  • High-quality still pictures and video clips
  • Access to social networks through instant messaging, video conferencing and chat

So far there are two versions of the chip, a 1 GHz version and a dual CPU 1.5 GHz version. With such immense power expect PDA's, smartphone and netbooks to move ever more closer to the power and functionality you get from your laptop or desktop PC.

Technical Features for QSD8x50 chipsets

The QSD8x50 platform consists of the QSD8250™ which supports GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA networks while the QSD8650™ supports both CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO Rel 0/A/B, GSM, GPRS, EDGE, HSPA networks.

Both chipsets include:

  • 1 GHz CPU
  • 600MHz DSP
  • Integrated 3G mobile broadband
  • Support for Wi-Fi® and Bluetooth® connectivity
  • Built-in seventh-generation gpsOne® engine with Standalone-GPS and Assisted-GPS modes
  • High-definition (720p) video decode, and multiple video codec support
  • High-performance 3D graphics – up to 22M triangles/sec and 133M 3D pixels/sec
  • High-resolution up to WXGA (1280x720) display support
  • 12-megapixel camera support
  • Multiple audio codecs: (AAC+, eAAC+, AMR, FR, EFR, HR, WB-AMR, G.729a, G.711, AAC stereo encode)
  • Support for mobile broadcast TV (MediaFLO™, DVB-H and ISDB-T)
  • Support for Windows Mobile®, Android, and a number of Linux®-based operating systems
  • Qualcomm’s hybrid mode alternative solution

Technical Features for QSD8672 chipsets

The single-chip, dual-CPU QSD8672™ includes most of the above features, in addition to:

  • Dual CPUs, up to 1.5 GHz for faster response and processing
  • Low-power 45nm process technology for higher integration and performance
  • Higher-resolution WSXGA (1440 x 900) display support
  • High-definition (1080p) video recording and playback
  • Support for HSPA+ networks - 28 Mbps downloads and 11 Mbps uploads
  • Supports CDMA2000 1X, 1xEV-DO Rel 0/A/B networks
  • Improved 3D graphics - up to 80M triangles/sec and 500M+ 3D pixels/sec


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