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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black) Deals & Price Comparison

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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black) Deals
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Apple iPhone 4S 16GB (Black) Description

Apple iPhone 4S, 16GB, Black.

With delays, hype and wild rumours the iPhone 4S finally arrived in October selling more than 4 million devices in the first few days exceeding all records.

The iPhone 4S is technically an upgrade of the previous iPhone 4, with the same casing and appearance, a kind of intermediate update before the iPhone 5 comes out next year. The main enhancements include a dual core A5 processor and an 8 mega-pixel camera. It also ships with the new iOS 5 operating system and iCloud integration

The one major unique new feature is Siri, a voice activated digital assistant that allows you to instruct the phone to perform a number of tasks, such as dial contacts or search the web.

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