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Blackberry PlayBook Deals & Price Comparison

Compare Blackberry PlayBook Contract / Sim Free / Unlocked BlackBerry Phone Deals

Blackberry PlayBook Deals
Compare Sim Free / Unlocked

Compare 2 Blackberry PlayBook sim free/unlocked mobile phone deals.

Compare  Mobile Contract Deals From £99.98

Blackberry PlayBook Description

BlackBerry enter the market with their exceptionally designed BlackBerry PlayBook featuring the built from the ground up BlackBerry Tablet OS. Housed in a sleek, slim and glossy casing the tablet uses the smaller 7" screen format and is powered with a 1GHz processor and 1GB RAM.

The 7" LCD screen has a resolution similar to the iPad and a Netbook at 1024 x 600 and incorporates 4 finger multi touch gestures. There is also GPS capabilities, a front and back facing cameras, with 1080p HD video and video conferencing. There is also WiFi, Bluetooth and 3G connectivity.

The BlackBerry Tablet OS supports multitasking as well as seamless integration with a BlackBerry smartphone and built in out-of-the box for BlackBerry Enterprise Server making it an excellent choice for business users. It also supports both Flash and HTML 5 for the ultimate web and online experience.

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